++++++ DOWNSIDE UP! ++++++

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It feels very very cold here in North Wales, makes my nose pink and my dreams crazy!

Enjoying my new found vegetarianism. 

I had been feeling quite down about the music biz lately, again (this happens on a regular basis!) and various disappointments all piled on top of each other (cancelled shows, struggling to sell tickets, lack of media response, very low album sales after a fuck of a lot of hard work invested!) had left me at the point of thinking I should quit while I'm not ahead....BUT playing at The Workshop on Friday night, a GORGEOUS winter warmer of a gig, left me feeling a lot happier and determined to record and release some more music! I KNOW I'm good at what I do and I know there are people out there who appreciate it! I felt such a sense of connection with the audience, loved singing to you all, and was very very happy afterwards. Turned my downs up! Downside up! Hooray! THANK YOU <3 <3 <3

So, now I'm gonna hibernate a bit, start thinking about the next album.

I'm already gathering together songs, finishing half-finished songs, writing new songs, and a-cookin' up stories!

I'm also preparing to make another video & thinking about subversive Xmas songs!

MASSIVE THANK YOU again to everybody who's bought my album, and other goods!  If you HAVEN'T already bought the album, please DO! Sales of CDs AND downloads are very very low and it all helps keep your favourite musicians (ie me!) putting music out there!!! Thank you if you told your friends! If you didn't, tell em! KEEP SPREADING THE WORD!!!


This Week I've Been Listening To:  - Y Niwl - Dauddegun 


This Week I Am Reading: Living Dolls - Natasha Walter 


Inspirational Quote Of The Week: If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. - Katharine Hepburn

Happiness Tip Of The Week: Laugh for 20 minutes a day! Do it for real.. or fake it! It doesn't matter, fake laughter delivers many of the positive benefits of real laughter


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